The Nuts and Bolts of Consciousness
by Gibran Shah

“Both the philosophically minded and those that have any interest in the mind-matter relationship will find themselves fascinated with the theory advanced in this well-conceived book.”
-Cathy Reyes, Lawyer

“The most insightful and compelling ideas are generated by those following a path they are passionate about. The Nuts and Bolts of Consciousness is the result of a relentless passion for the search for a solution to the mind and matter problem.”
-Darren Hamilton, Philosopher, Lawyer, Psychologist, Computer Scientist
The twentieth century has provided us with a plethora of knowledge about the brain and the mind, but we have yet to fully understand the relation between the two. We are still asking the age-old question of how we—ultimately physical and biological machines—come with subjective experience and consciousness.

In this book, you will find an answer to this question. It is proposed that the great difficulty of this question stems from the assumption that the mind, or consciousness, if it is to be explained at all, must be explained in terms of the brain, that the brain produces consciousness. This book presents a novel theory that rests on a complete inversion of this unquestioned assumption, and offers a fresh new look at the problem of how consciousness and the brain relate to each other.

Extrapolating from the theory, one may draw the conclusion that not only does this book explain human consciousness, or the consciousness of any living organism, but that it has profound implications for the very nature of the universe and existence. These implications run the gamut from the existence of God and the afterlife to insights into science and practical applications in one's own life. Needless to say, this book has much to offer—not only for scientists and philosophers interested in the subject of consciousness, but for anyone interested in spirituality and the human soul.